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Crown Point Community Library

The Crown Point Community Library is grateful to all of our donors whose generosity will help enhance the new downtown library! All donors will be celebrated and recognized in a distinctive manner. 

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Crown Point Community Foundation            $7,500

Psi Iota Xi Sorority, Beta Xi Chapter            $1,000

Praxair                                                    $7,000


Tri Kappa Sorority, Gamma Theta Chapter   $10,000     Meeting Room 1

James C. Conlon Family                            $10,000     Periodicals Room

Dr. and Mrs. Jerry Allee                             $10,000     Quiet Room


Dr. and Mrs. Jerry Allee

Dr. and Mrs. Gary Brigham

Mrs. James Conlon and Family

Crown Point Lions club

Crown Point Community Foundation

Mary Emerson Etheart, PhD.

Eisenhower Elementary School

Lenora Festa

Mr. and Mrs. Bradly Hendrickson

Kappa Kappa Kappa, Gamma Theta Chapter

Janet Katich

Lake Street Elementary School

MacArthur Elementary School

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Malloy

Jane Malloy

Felix Pavloff

Praxair Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rees

Karen M. Shook

Solon Robinson Elementary School

Sally Steele

Taft Middle School

Timothy Ball Elementary School

Winfield Elementary School

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Zalewski


Carol Allen

C. Michaela Babicka and Anthony Babicka, Jr.

Sandy and Matt Bapple

Judy Baran

Dorothy J. Benson

Sally J. Benson

Carol and Arthur Biddle

Arlene and Don Bradley

Lois and Peter Briggs

Gary and Indira Brigham in memory of Charles Nowak

Betty and Robert Campion

Crown Point High School

Carol and Leroy Doty

Betty and Jim Flannery

Dr. Lisa C. Gold

Elizabeth and Warren Goodlad

Lisa Goodnight, Ph.D.

Virginia Hathaway

Virginia A. Hershman

Donna Keller Heuer

Carol and Steve Highsmith

Michael Hoffman

Darlene and Chuck Hopp

Bonnie and Andrew Hunter

Janet I. Katich

Susan and Charles Kerr

Reba R. and Robert F. Kraus

George Kymakis

Tobbi Alvey-Kymakis

Kimberly and James Larsen

Steve, Kathy, Katrina and Matt Lessner

Frances Marek

Jane (Rouge) and Jeffrey Martin

Louis J. Mazzoni

Carol McGovern

Mechanical Test and Balance, Inc.

Kathryn Murphy

Sally and Allan Nalbor

Karen and Dale Newlin and Family

Penny and George Pondo

Rebecca and Mark Pool

Bob and Shirley Rees

Jerry Ross Elementary School

Jane M. Schuett

Shelby L. Siska

St. Mary's School

Mary Steele

Linda and Allan Szalmasagi

Mike, Lisa, Andy and Meredith Vandenberg

Kathleen A. Vieweg

Barbara K. Weaver

Wheeler Middle School

Winfield Elementary School

  Total for General Donations: $10,447

  Total for Grants: $15,500

  Total for Naming Rights: $30,000

  Total for Authors' Circle: $18,866

  Total All Donations: $74,813






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